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The painless stress-free online accounting for small businesses

FreeAgent  provides a comprehensive small-business bookkeeping solution together with the ability to forecast UK tax liabilities. It makes the process of accounting simpler, reduces the time required to manage your business allowing you to focus your energies on your customers.

You will use the software to keep your records and bookkeeping up to date leaving us to deal with the complex work & compliance services

Using FreeAgent you can:

  • Create invoices in under 60 seconds with proactive payment chasing built in
  • Create professional estimates and track them until they are approved and converted into invoices.
  • Keep on top of your expenses and mileage claims by entering the details on the go using a range of iPhone Apps
    You can even scan your receipts for easy input.
  • VAT Returns  keeps track of all VAT Returns and payments made and you can even submit your VAT returns online to HMRC using the software
  • Use a credit control system so you can keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money to
  • Import bank transactions directly from your bank account gaining huge time savings and provide you up to date financial position every time you log on
  • Keep track of your tax and VAT liabilities The unique tax time line shows exactly when and how much tax you will have to pay
  • Share the latest financial information with us so any issues can be spotted and resolved quickly

FreeAgent is easy to use. You will get immediate feedback as you enter the data.

You will have no problems keeping your books up to date, and it allows you to gain a better understanding of your business finances.

  • Available via the internet  24/7
  • No software for you to install, upgrade or maintain
  • Generate dividend vouchers
  • Free online help and support
  • No confusing accounting jargon
  • PayPal compatible

Want to sign up or need more information or a demo phone us on 0161 336 2222 or use the contact us form
Watch a short video to see how FreeAgent will help you manage your books

Tips & Help has additional vidoes and help sheets explaining in more detail how to do stuff in FreeAgent

Service & fees for our online software

Using IRIS Openbooks Software

No problem we can move you to FreeAgent normal within 1 working day, the only difference you will notice is that you now  log on via a FreeAgentr portal to your data rather than via the IRIS Openbooks  portal.
The monthly fee you pay for IRIS Openbooks will  cease when you move to FreeAgent with Usher Spiby & Co, and your fee's are included in  the cost of our monthly packages.

Using FreeAgent via  My Business Works

If so please ring us as we can offer a discount on the cost of our  monthly packages