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Getting started

How to set up your FreeAgent account
Here's how to enter opening balances

Creating your first invoice

Create, customise,& send your first invoice                

Expenses and mileage

A guide to claiming expenses
Here's how to record expenses and mileage                            


Get to grips with money in and out of your business bank account
How do I upload bank transactions


How VAT works in FreeAgent
File your VAT return online
How to  sign up with HMRC for VAT online services once you are registered for VAT  


Dividends - FAQs
The dividend voucher
How to record a payment of a dividend                       

Integrations & Add-ons

See what applications & add-ons work with FreeAgent

Getting started webinars

Join a 30 minute webinar from Freagent. They'll take you through invoicing, banking, expenses and VAT and give you top tips on how to use  FreeAgent to help run your business.       
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